This interesting method of fencing is completely unknown in our fencing halls as well as in club and school gymnasiums, when the fencing is done not with the foil, but with true, real sized dagger.

Although we can marvel that the dagger fencing is not taught in our midst anywhere, however it is used in the real life more often than the fencing with the sword. We understand this oftener use in such a regard, that in the real life in random encounter we are attacked way often with a dagger than with a sword, and in such cases we are not protecting ourself with a sword, but with a sword-stick. So that especially for those persons who by profession have to go oftentimes to dangerous places, it is advisable to practice the use of the dagger. As a physical exercises the dagger fencing deserves a great attention, because it demands exceptional vigilance, attention and composure from the fencer.  The daggers used in the exercise are of one feet length [Hungarian feet = 0,316081 m and 0,2979 m, so around 30 cm] and their point is foiled with a button made from deer leather. Both fencer wear beside the fencing mask full chest protector. During dagger fencing the same general rules are applied as for foil fencing: cutting or hitting is not allowed, only to thrust, and the target is above the belt, thrusting below the belt is ungentlemanly. The curiosity of this fencing is that the parties are quite close to each other and they sometimes use their left hand –  bound by a kerchief – to parry the thrusts. By all means this kind of fencing method is quite interesting and it is worth to introduce it not only in our fencing rooms, but in the schools and gymnasium clubs as well.